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Two Poems by Anca Hariton, published in the Santa Barbara Review

Morning edition

(everyone reads the newspaper in the train)


I read the newspaper in the sky...

          small font clouds over the east, bold evergreens at the foothills,

          no traffic delays over the ocean, birds commute safely south.

          Snails had their due dew shower, trees washed their hair loose,

          grass is betting again to beat winter green this year.

I follow the morning edition on the vast screen above, the prompt went off, where was I?

          Oh, here, the wind plans to re-marry the plains, but the horizon opposes it...

I watch the gathering news sweeping the sky silk smooth, ready for a new day

          to raise sail

                   out of          its blue.

left  right


My hands want to write at the same time...


the left                     to tell                 the right

...and viceversa...

atoms                             stars

love outside in,            love inside out,

inhabit         outhabit

the earth       the sky

and orbit    and orbit

together, together

each soul

with a two-fold song

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