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Published Works for Children

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And Millbrook Press

Full color cover and one color illustrations
Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Czechoslovakia

Black and white inkbrush illustrations for this new edition of the book and a full color cover matched the Eastern European  fairy tales collected by Virginia Haviland.


The second edition for Samara Anjelae's books Angel Prayers and 100 Ways to Atract Angels were a special project as they received new (full color) covers and illustrations in pen and ink that were sensitively printed in gold and silver respectively.

Full color illustrations

Dandelion Adventures by L. Patricia Kite, Compost! by Linda Glaser, and A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds by Jean Richards


Dandelion Adventures

" Hariton takes her inspiration from dandelion fluff; her pastel watercolors have a fuzzy, airy quality that makes even friendlier the ``family history'' of this commonplace sunny-faced weed." (Kirkus Review)



"Hariton's watercolors depict the garden as a blossoming, decaying, living, fertile environment, and add to the Earth- friendly feel of the book. Framing borders display seasonal motifs; wildlife abounds in this celebration of decomposition and renewal." (Kirkus Review)




Text and illustrations


Butterfly Story

"An exceptional, simple science lesson from Hariton (Egg Story, not reviewed) that goes down as easy as lemonade on a summer afternoon. From tiny eggs to lovely full-grown red admiral, readers track the progress of a butterfly. The text is never sensational, never strays too far from the miraculous journey it limns, all the white spinning an understanding of and appreciation for the mystery behind metamorphosis. Hariton's watercolor accompaniments are fine of line, as lambent as butterfly wings, as engrossing as the story." (Kirkus Review)


Egg Story 

"As comfortable as its rustic, thatched-roofed surroundings, this simple and accurate story makes the breakfast egg a primary biology lesson. In unpretentious, straightforward language, Hariton traces the tiny white lump as it feeds on the shrinking egg yolk and grows into a chick large enough to peck its way out of the shell. The story alternates between the worlds inside and outside the shell in easy and natural rhythm. The homey watercolor, pencil and ink illustrations align seamlessly with the writing to present fundamental reproductive processes that will connect youngsters to more sophisticated biology. With an understatement characteristic of the entire presentation, Hariton describes the enormous effort and countless pecks required to crack open a shell: ``Hatching is hard work''--a metaphor for those of any age who seek to break out of the old into the new. An exemplary blend of storybook and nonfiction."  (Publishers Weekly)

Full color covers and fine (gold/silver) line illustrations were provided for this new edition of Samara Anjelae's books:

Amgel Prayers and

100 Ways to Attract Angels.

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