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Anca Hariton



Professional Recognition and Awards


Trained in fine arts and with a bachelor and a master in architecture from the University of  Bucharest, Romania, Anca has lived with her family on the West Coast since 1985. Her stories and illustrations were published, among others, by UNICEF, Dutton's Children's Books, Millbrook Press (to date Lerner Publishing), Child Graphics Company as well as (for poetry) Vision International, Santa Barbara Review, Gwangju International Magazine and New Millenium Writings (honorable Mention 2015).

Several of her picture books were chosen as winners of the year by the National Science Teachers Asssociation. Her poetry won a grant from the American Composers Forum for a collaboratiion  with composer N. Sumner and her educational plays (with Puppets-in--the-Box) were awarded a grant by the Petaluma Educational Foundation.











Pencil Sketch


2010 - present

2010 - present

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