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Myths and Creation Stories

The first series of images in this section are based on the Book of Genesis: The Seven Days of the Hebrew Creation

Genesis 01
Genesis 02
Genesis 03
Genesis 04
Genesis 05
Genesis 06
Genesis 07
Genesis 08
Genesis 09
Genesis 10
Genesis 11
Genesis 12
Genesis 13
Genesis 14
Genesis 15
Genesis 16
Genesis 17
Genesis 18
Genesis 19
Genesis 20
Genesis 21
Genesis 22
Genesis 23
Genesis 24a

The second series of images in this section are based on the story of Sisyphus.

Sisyphus b and w


Sisyphus 1

A huge rock fell and almost crushed Sisyphus.

Sisyphus 2

Inch by inch Sisyphus pushed the rock up the mountain.

Sisyphus 3

The rock was ground down as Sisyphus pushed it.

Sisyphus 4

The rock smoothened as Sisyphus rolled it, its core started to shine.

Sisyphus 5

Sisyphus lifted it. The rock was now LIGHT.

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