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Other Works by Anca Hariton

A. Hariton-Rainbow Skin.jpg
Rainbow Skin
(Confluence )

This watercolor about Oregon was conceived as a letter from the past, from an ancestral protector of the place –a “genius loci”-- to the future newborn, emerging between rose petals.

    Stitches of light weave in my braids

    of old: oh, hear me, hear me,

    kindle the earth but burn the glow

    from quick, the silver splatter slow,

    engrave your heart in faults' meanders.


    Stitches of thorns festoon my locks

    of moss: oh, gather, gather,

    but fly above the brush below

    nest the high on justly low

    from storm seeds to wash under.


    Stitches of life comb in my hair

    of smoke: oh, rise with me, all rise!

    Out of the ash of ancestry

    confluence calls a vivid ministry

    at Portal of newborn.

(Collection of Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Oregon)

Anca Hariton - Venice

Reflections on a magical trip to Venice, during the summer of 2013. The water mirror doubles the maze of colors  and  dwellings embroidered in stone. History waltzes from every corner, and  if you try to walk straight, you may get lost...

Light as a Feather

To fly gives a sense of freedom in movement: freedom from gravity and weight. Dreams and birds mingle here and follow each other.

Anca Hariton - Birds
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